New World Balloon

New World Balloon


(W) 35cm x (D) 1cm x (H) 25cm

Acrylic on Linen

This abstract vision will take you to another place and different time. Bringing suspended motion in abstract forms, its warm red tones bring comfort to your space. Inspired by my vintage fabric finds. The catalyst to an installation I did for the WVAB - Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial 2017 on the outdoor 35m wide stairs that lead up to the concert hall in Chatswood.

Please refer to the mural page for images of the installation


'New World Balloons from Beautiful Rubbish'

The simple things in life… that will be missed.

If we listen to the forecasts of ongoing human wastage issues and its environmental impacts, it begs the question of; What will happen to the little things in life?

These future balloons made from ‘beautiful’ rubbish which is destined to overrun our lives, also touches on the simple beauty, joys and innocence of children. While we struggle to recreate a new world made of rubbish, our own childhood happiness will be something to just read about. At least we might have balloons made of garbage... right?

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